Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
1400 Eighth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Rev. Brian D. Hunter, Pastor-Teacher

Administrative Assistant

The purpose of this role is: “to fulfill the day to day affairs of the church which require ongoing attention and to perform general office work thus relieving the ministry staff of administrative and clerical duties.”  The Administrative Assistant (AA) is on the frontlines and is often the person the public sees or talks to.  The AA must create an environment that is inviting to members and visitors passing through on a daily basis.  The work of the AA grows more challenging each year as technology advances and expectations increase.

Because of the nature of the role, this person must demonstrate a high level of trust and the ability to

protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality.  The wisdom to refrain from indiscriminately sharing information is critical.  Additionally, the willingness to learn new skills, work as a team player, and overall dependability/accessibility are very important.

List of responsibilities include:

1)        Support for Congregational/Guest Needs

The person in this job must have a caring attitude with the ability to be both empathic and detached since they will be exposed to many personal problems and hardship.  A genuine and biblical servant attitude is most important.  This includes the ability to graciously handle unexpected or difficult situations and cranky or demanding people with a positive attitude.

  1. Correspondence: Compose letters when requested and insure all correspondence is mailed in a timely manner.
  2. Assist in maintaining church records: files for memorial gifts, acknowledgements, prayer requests, membership, baptism, etc.
  3. Scheduling and communicating: Sharing of church events w/ membership, church staff and program ministers.
  4. Maintenance of Office Equipment: Operates and maintains copiers, postage meter and other office equipment.
  5. Clerical & Receptionist duties: Handles incoming phone calls, mail, office traffic, updating printed material, etc.
  6. Administration of essentials: Lost and found, keys (office and van), hospital notices, office supply inventory, etc.
  7. Preparation of Annual Report: Maintains and reports the official membership records, charge conference report, etc.

2)         Support for Church Staff and Leadership

For the church to do ministry in many areas, adequate support and administration for all the ministries is essential.  For example, how the AA handles the first contact with people in stress, grief, or confusion can make a difference on how successful the church and its ministerial staff are in helping those in need.  Assembling charge conference data, prayer requests, hospitalized individuals, prayer, families, etc. help free program staff for their ministries.

The Administrative Assistant also performs a variety of administrative tasks to support the senior leadership team of Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.  Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Use of complex computer programs
  • Handling confidential and complex matters and correspondence
  • Travel arrangements
  • Meeting arrangements inclusive of document preparation, food & beverage, etc.
  • Information source on church policy/procedure
  • Willingness and ability to support multiple senior team members and a large congregation

3)         The AA is also responsible for:

  1. Preparation/Publication of the church bulletin and Empowering You Magazine to include formatting, spell-check, proofreading, etc.
  2. Procedures for handling visitors during office hours requiring Ministerial consultation, assistance, emergencies, etc.
  3. Cooperation in scheduling and planning to see that the goals and objectives of the church are being realized.
  4. Keeping abreast of church protocol and assisting pastoral staff to channel to the proper committees, ministries, etc.

4)         Back up for Non Ministerial staff positions

The AA role requires not merely office help but a spirit of teamwork and a positive attitude are vital.  Valuing the diversity of skills, the unique gifts of each individual and humbling oneself by doing the work of others isn’t always easy.  But it is rewarding – especially when it is helping further the kingdom of Christ.

  1. During lunch breaks, vacation, travel, sickness, local errands, periods of heavy volume, etc.
  2. Church Management Software modules (i.e. visitations, reservations, ministry scheduler, attendance and volunteer manager).
  3. Publications, printing, folding and distribution for committees, events, special mailings, etc.
  4. Authorization of receipt for materials/services, postal deliveries, purchase order releases, etc.
  5. Upkeep of church calendar(s), event scheduling, bulletin boards, church e-mail, website, etc.

The AA’s time is less flexible and more paced by weekly responsibilities than other staff assignments.

The AA will work Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for 25 hours per week with a 30 minutes lunch each day.  The AA schedule may adjust week-to-week including Saturday based upon the needs of the ministry and particular programs/events.  The AA will report to the Administrative Manager and will work closely with the other staff members and volunteers.

The list above is not all – inclusive but rather a sampling of the types of work and responsibilities intended for this position.


1)         Must have at least 5 years of Administrative Skills

2)         Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and ability to maneuver complex computer programs;

3)         Have, communications and well-organized skills;

4)         Have a caring attitude, excellent people skill, and high integrity;

5)         Be accessible, responsive, and flexible to handle the changing needs of the church;

6)         Have effective verbal, writing, editorial and publishing skills;

7)         Have knowledge of Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church and be able to coordinate the unique schedules.

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter, resume and at least 3 references by April 23, 2018 to:

Kathryn Ballard

Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
1400 8th St. Berkeley, CA 94710

or you can e-mail your resume to