RESET 2017

Most of us who own cell phones know that from time to time cell phones “act up” and malfunction. We can normally correct the problem in one of two ways.  Either by a soft reset or a hard reset.  A soft reset happens when you simply power down the phone and then restart it again. However a hard reset is a factory reset. It is when you erase all of the information you have put in your phone and return it to the state it was when new. With a hard reset some things are lost but it is also an opportunity to start over.

I believe every person comes to a point in life where we need a reset.  We need an adjustment.  It’s an acknowledgment that something needs to be addressed, changed, rethought, or even eliminated in our lives.  Reset 2017 allows us to think critically about our future and make some necessary adjustments, guided by the Word of God and intentional ministry.

As we enter a new year, remember Jesus said “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”  As you examine your life at the beginning of this year, what areas are you willing to reset?  What areas are you willing to take an honest examination of and determine I know it has to be more than this. How do you see reset taking you where God will have you to be?

This year Reset 2017 endeavors to touch every area of our lives. I encourage you to take an honest look at various areas of your life.  Whether spiritual, financial, vocational, emotional, physical, intellectual, or relational. Reset 2017 will touch these areas and more by addressing what happens in our lives between Sundays.

Our 2017 Ministry Vision and Initiatives

Our Vision Statement:  
We are the voice and the hand that empowers, equips, and encourages people to change their lives.

Our Mission Statement:
Empowering the people of God through ministry beyond Sunday morning.

What Type of Church Do We Want To Be?

“Empowering the people of God through ministry beyond Sunday morning” is the mission statement of Berkeley Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Our ministry initiatives propose a vision, of how best our church can live into this mission.

In order for us to fully embrace this mission statement, it is necessary to make a commitment regarding the type of church we are going to be. In the past we have had two different kinds of ministry models at work in our church, and we have existed on a continuum somewhere between the two. “I go to church” could be described as consumer, attractional or even institutional.  As opposed to “I am the church”  which is best expressed as a sending, kingdom church. I believe that if Berkeley Mt. Zion is going to live up to our mission statement we will need to make some intentional, and significant shifts in our thinking, strategy, and execution.


our faith

Resetting and Strengthening our relationship with Jesus Christ


our family & friends

Resetting and Strengthening our relationship with family  and friends


our fitness

Resetting our approach regarding our attitudes and disciplines regarding our physical bodies and our emotional well being


our finances

Resetting our approach and attitudes regarding our finances