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The WORD Ministries empowers the people of God through the acceptance of the Word of God as the authority that equips mankind to develop socially educationally, spiritually, economically, and physically.

Curriculum Support

The Curriculum Support provides educational sets for church wide campaigns, internal ministry studies, and small group studies that meet the needs of the church family members. Members of this area of ministry are enthusiastic and interested in spiritual empowerment through Christian education.

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Life Empowerment Series

Life Empowerment Series is a set of seminars and workshops that focus on issues where information and instruction are needed to ensure that our lives and families are living well and in the promises of God. Subjects include but not limited to financial management, real estate planning/mortgages, estate planning, wills, trusts and retirement planning. Members of this area of ministry have a desire to encourage and empower people by sharing their expertise in various areas of life.

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Marriage Enrichment

The Berkeley Mount Zion Marriage Enrichment Ministry is designed to provide opportunities for married and engaged couples to embrace your life and stay connected to God and your mate. Join us as we converse about topics that are critical to the success of your marriage. We want marriages to thrive and not just survive!!!

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Sunday School/Sunday Learning Institute

Sunday Learning Institute offers classes for all ages intended to provide personal enrichment with hands-on practical application of classroom instruction. Classes are geared to teach biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life. The Sunday Learning Institute is designed to bridge the gap between biblical understanding and practical implementation in our daily lives. The goal is to educate people to progress from spiritual infancy (salvation) towards spiritual maturity and likeness to Jesus Christ.

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Teacher Training

Teacher Training equips instructors with the principles of effective teaching. Members that participate in this area of ministry are enthusiastic about Christian education and desire to effectively reach the people of God where they are while inspiring students to venture where God desires for them to be.

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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a church wide annual week of study that increases biblical knowledge in a preset format to improve and enrich the lives of the family unit as a whole and subsequently improving our entire church family. Vacation Bible Study will take place during the summer time. Volunteers that participant in this area of ministry are interested in providing a quality summer program for children and adults and have a willingness to work with a team.

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Church Wide Campaigns

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90 Minute Experience

The 90 Minute Experience is a series of specially prepared midweek worship experiences designed to bridge that the gap between biblical understanding and knowledge to practical implementation in the daily lives of men and women. Members that attend these bibles studies yearn for a greater divine understanding of their life and their world.

Join us 7:00PM Wednesday Nights